Publicize the actions that it develops and promote public knowledge of its objectives, results, invested financial resources and their origin.

In this sense, our Foundation pays special attention to ensuring that both internal accounts and its donations and funding sources are made available to collaborators, sponsors, public administrations and the population in general.

In addition, our Foundation understands the existence of private interests, however, we only legitimize those initiatives based on fair trade policies and good labor practices.


We promote the development of independent research, through self-management models supported by the state. However, our foundation will work always free from social, economic or political partisan biases.


We believe that the development of knowledge should be at the service of the community, and not subject to private economic interests or institutions with morals typical of conservatism.

Collaborative work

Evidence-based multidisciplinary approach. At our foundation, we believe that there is no single view of biological phenomena, so we base our work on the critical discussion of information and decision-making.


Nuestras pra?cticas de ocio y/o profesionales, esta?n basadas en el respeto, la mesura, objetividad y e?tica laboral.

We promote the development of biotechnological solutions or tools to face problems around cannabis sativa and how these can generate new and original opportunities in Chile.