From the different areas of development of the Foundation, we have raised the offer of services for the community in order to meet the needs of the people and institutions that require it. In this way, today we have the following services:

Advice on research and development projects

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals studies the theoretical foundation and technical feasibility for carrying out projects in the field of cannabis sativa. We advise individuals, institutions, research and development laboratories, companies and NGOs in the construction of new ideas and projects.

E-mail: contacto@cienciascannabis cl

Teaching in trainings and courses

We are producers of face-to-face and virtual courses in the field of cannabis use. We also participate as teachers of courses offered by university and training institutions (OTEC) and NGOs outside the Foundation.

E-mail: contacto@cienciascannabis cl

Expert reports for causes of infringement of Law 20.000

We carry out an expert analysis that aims to assess the existence of a positive correlation between the amount of plant material seized, the projection of plant material production expected from the seizure of cannabis sativa plants, and the history of personal, exclusive and proximate use in the time that must be argued in the litigation of causes for infringement of Law 20,000.

It consists of the review of all the antecedents emanating from the investigative folder, personal interviews with the accused and his close ones, psychological analysis of the accused to obtain his consumption profile and verification of the account, and other types of analysis that are relevant for the evaluation of the case .

From the public sphere, we are permanent collaborators of the public criminal defense (DPP) for all regions of Chile. In the case of private litigation cases, we offer the service in coordination with those who require it, agreeing on the terms of this case by case.

E-mail: peritaje@cienciascannabis cl

Epicurus Project

We offer advisory and counseling services to promote the responsible consumption of substances, implementation of educational programs at different levels (basic, middle, higher, professional and family) to address drug issues, as well as the setting up of information booths on drug reduction. damage and risk mitigation for drug use together with a device for qualitative analysis of substances and recovery space in party settings.

From this project we adhere to the international campaign? Support. Do not punish? (Support Don? T Punish).


Clinical care

We have a professional medical and psychological team for the orientation, accompaniment and monitoring of treatments that incorporate cannabis for therapeutic purposes, as well as therapies for the management of situations of problematic drug use, from a perspective of harm reduction and mitigation of risks, focused on respect for human rights.

E-mail: atencionclinica@cienciascannabis cl